Russian information strategy utilizes existing tensions by exaggerating disputes and disagreements between people and amplify popular unrest whenever possible (e.g. Russia tried to amplify social unrest during ‘yellow vest’ protests in France). Internal tensions and clashes undermine developed democracies and cause these countries to focus on their domestic agenda rather than trying to promote their values and support progress in the developing world. This adversely impacts countries such as Ukraine which look for guidance and political support from the West.

The methods used by Russian propaganda are well known - manipulations (blurring facts with misinterpretations), presenting lies as ‘alternative points of view’, and highly emotional blatant lies that are hard to believe but easy to remember. Knowing their methods and narratives can help limit the consumption of fakes and controversies. Therefore, VoxCheck created the database of Russian fakes, disinformation, and propaganda in two European countries - Italy and Germany.

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